Arrival recommendation for those arriving in Lanzarote in the morning


After landing at the airport "César Manrique" (ACE) you have to calculate about 30-40 minutes for the baggage claim.

From Cèsar Manrique airport to our holiday flats in the north of Lanzarote you need about 20 to 30 minutes.

If you have enough time between landing and check-in at 5pm, we recommend a stopover in Arrecife on the way to your flat.

Time for a meal in the harbour?

Depending on how much time is left before check in at 17:00, we recommend our guests to park their rental car in the public car park in Calle Juan de Quesada, 10, 35500 Arrecife.

At this secure and guarded car park there is a parking fee of 1.- to 2.- Euro per day ;-)

The fishing harbour Bahia (Charco San Gines) is about 10 minutes walk away, in the old fishing harbour there is a large selection of restaurants.

Here is a tip from the tour operator OVERCROSS:

Mini hamburgers and good pasta as well as "Lanzarotean" dishes can be found directly at the Charco at Cala by Louise Leon or next door at La Casa del Mido in Av. César Manrique, 18.

On the other side of the fishing harbour is the upscale restaurant "La Puntina" which is an insider tip for gourmets.

Would you like to do some shopping before checking in?

On the way to your holiday accommodation you will find the grocery shop "Euro Spar" in Calle León y Castillo, s/n, 35500 Arrecife. Here we recommend that you stock up on basic groceries.

Alternatively, you can buy all the basic groceries after checking in at Costa Teguice or in our home village of Guatiza at the "corner shop" Corivan.

Food prices are rather reasonable compared to Germany/Switzerland/France/Austria etc. Translated with (free version)


Check in and Check out to My Lanza accommodations

Check in: 17:00

Please consult with us if you would like to have a earlier check in time, it is depending on apartment occupancy and last guest check out.

Cleaning and tidiness between check in and check out is our major concern

Check out: 10:00

Please consult with us if you would like to have a late check out time, it is depending on apartment occupancy and next guest check in.

Cleaning and tidiness between check out and check in is our major concern

Late check out

A late check out until 17:00 is possible with an extra charge of 40% of the daily rent.

"Super late check out after 17:00 will be charged as an additional day's rent!

We kindly ask you to request a late or super late check out in advance, which we will be happy to confirm you in writing.

Please remember that cleaning and tidiness between check out and check in is our major concern

Please note the following when checking out

The used dishes have to be put back cleanly into the cupboards. 

Please leave the outside area as well as the flat was when you found it!

Before you leave the accommodation, we gently ask you to dispose of your rubbish on your own.

Help on the spot

If you have a problem, we are there for you!

In case of a "technical" problem in the accommodation, or if something breaks during your stay, or if defects occur, we ask you to inform us immediately of the damage or defect.

We will then take care of it immediately!

The guest or his insurance company is liable for damages to the amount of the replacement costs.

Our cleaning and technical teams will take care of the perfect cleanliness and technical function in your accommodation.

The My- Lanza team speaks: English / German / French and of course Spanish.

Contact details of the My-Lanza team can be found in the flats.

It is important: You should report any damage immediately so that we do not discover it after your departure at the final cleaning! Later complaints will not be accepted and cannot be credited!


The full rental amount is payable by bank transfer at the time of booking.

Booking procedure:

1. If you have any questions, please send us an email and we will be happy to answer them and update the with FAQ accordingly.

2. Booking via our booking form. Requests for discounts will be rejected. Bookings of more than 21 days get 10% discount more than 30 days 20% discount more than 60 days 50% discount of the rental price.

3. Payment of the rental price after receipt of the invoice within five days.

4. Upon receipt of payment the booking confirmation will be sent. Until receipt of payment, we reserve the right to rent the flat to other parties!

5. With the booking confirmation, the receipt of payment, you accept our house rules, terms and conditions and cancellation policy.

Final cleaning and costs:

The costs of the final cleaning for the flats amount to

€ 55.- incl. VAT for the Luxury One.

€ 65. - incl. VAT for the Ocean tiny House.

€ 110. - incl. VAT for Casa Amor.

Why is this so expensive?

For a final cleaning and disinfection in a flat our cleaning team, as very conscientiously, needs few hours with his German thoroughness!

Outdoor facilities and the Lanzarote wind

Our guests include athletes from all over the world who come to train in Lanzarote, especially sailors Para Glider appreciate the wind and the perfect training climate that comes with it!

This beloved wind has its pitfalls with the seasonal wind speeds!

Please avoid that parasols, garden chairs or retractable sunshades are always folded up or retracted in the evening and in your absence.

We recommend ALWAYS closing the balcony doors (as well as windows) when leaving or entering the accommodation, otherwise the wind will slam them shut and cause severe damage.

Top furnishings in the My Lanzarote holiday flats

All flats are non-smoking accommodation, please smoke outside and leave your butts in a wind-protected ashtray / lockable glass container etc.

We make every effort to offer a top price-performance ratio, therefore we kindly ask you to treat the objects provided to you with care.

Hygiene in the holiday flats

For your stay, you will find any cleaning products you may need in each flat.

In the interest of environmental compatibility, we ask our guests to be conscientious in their use of resources, this also applies to the number of tea towels etc. that are used.

For the duration of your stay, each flat has the same rather generous contingent of fresh towels.

Medicine chest

Due to legal requirements, we provide a small first-aid kit in the accommodation for emergencies!

For emergencies you will find a disinfected, tested and vacuum-packed first-aid kit in each flat.

According to the law, the first-aid kit must be purchased by the user for € 35, as we are not allowed to provide a used one for hygienic reasons.

If the guest does not disclose the use of the first-aid kit, any claims for emergency care / costs will be passed on to the guest.

We ask for your understanding that the My Lanza team is bound by the spinning of politics.

House access rights

Under certain circumstances (which are very, very rare) it may be necessary for the Maintenence Team to enter the holiday home without the guest's knowledge.

The guest will be informed accordingly should this unlikely event occur!

Pets Animals

Pets are allowed in Ocean Resort one, but not in other flats, especially in the allergy flats, as this would double the final cleaning fee.

Allergy sensitive accommodations

We have prepared two My Lanza holiday flats especially for allergy sufferers. Lanzarote is the best holiday destination for allergy sufferers, as there is no pollen count here in the north of Lanzarote and the air is very rich in iodine. In our accommodation for allergy sufferers, pets are not allowed and smoking is not allowed (as in any other accommodation)! All accommodation has smooth floors, and the bathrooms have short pile carpets which are treated with disinfection to contain dust mites after use of a flat. Access to a hoover is possible, but we recommend NOT vacuuming but damp mopping if necessary due to allergy concerns. Mite-proof bed and mattress covers must be expressly ordered in writing for a one-off surcharge of € 20! We would like to point out that we do NOT have a nickel-free kettle according to the ECARF foundation and therefore cannot / are not yet allowed to display the seal.

Internet/ W-LAN

A free wireless internet connection (W-LAN) is available in the My Lanza holiday flats. You will find the access data in the information book which we have prepared for our guests.


As experimented parents we know what parents need. We are happy to provide our cot/child's high chair free of charge.

Please order this in advance when booking, as we have to bring these items to the flats.


We allow ourselves the luxury of updating our kitchens every five years, so please value our commitment by taking care of the kitchen equipment and appliances.

All accommodation is equipped with dishwasher including detergent and tabs for the first few days. In the event that these run out, we ask that you purchase only eco-degradable detergents, which Frank (the man for cleanliness and order) will be happy to reimburse you for on presentation of a receipt.

Please put the cutlery, crockery and pots etc. back into the cupboards only when they are clean. It should be clear that no waste, leftovers, harmful liquids etc. should be thrown or poured into the sinks ;-)

Please put food that you do not want to take with you in the fridge for disposal / (donation to the "Tafel").

Please put opened food in the rubbish, even if it hurts to throw food away!

For energy saving reasons, all fridges are set to the lowest level when you arrive. You are welcome to set the fridges as cold as you like.

Now it's getting bitter

One percent of Lanzarote holidaymakers have lost their "good parents' house" on their way to adulthood or simply did not have it.

Based on my twenty years of experience as an adventure tour operator, I know that these species usually go on holiday with Meckermann and other ALDI companies. We are an ÖKU company which wants to enable individualists to have a good time in a good flat, so if a holidaymaker who does not want to observe the rules of good manners should stray to us, he will have the rental contract terminated unilaterally after two violations of the rental conditions (which we announce in writing), which means that the holidaymaker has to leave the holiday flat immediately. In this case, there is no right to a refund of the rental price.

In the event of theft of property belonging to the furnishings of My Lanza holiday accommodation, we will proceed in the same way as all holiday flat and hotel rental companies.

The theft will be reported to the police and the person reported will be searched at the airport. If it turns out that stolen items are in his luggage, he may / must be prepared for a few hours at the airport police station and a missed flight home!

We have always had a very high level of full guests and never had any problems, but we know the stories from our competitors....

There has never been a burglary or theft in our flats, in the unlikely event that there is a burglary or theft during your stay, we as landlords are not liable for stolen items.


Waste on Lanzarote is separated into plastic, glass, paper and household waste. You will find green containers at every entrance and exit to the village.

No hygiene products, waste, food leftovers, harmful liquids etc. may be thrown or poured into the shower and toilet!

We are committed to acting conscientiously with our Öku Apartments and our environmentally conscious attitude towards the fragile nature on Lanzarote.

Parking facilities

It is possible to park safely and free of charge directly in front of / behind our holiday flats.

Cancellation fees

Cancellation of the booking up to three months before arrival is free of charge.

Cancellations up to two months prior to arrival are subject to a 50% cancellation fee.

Cancellation of the booking up to one month before arrival: 80% of the booking amount.

100% of the booking amount up to 14 days before arrival.

You can send us booking enquiries by e-mail at any time.

Please understand that we can only be reached by telephone around the clock for our guests in Lanzarote.